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There are many possible situations where you want to deploy some files to a certain folder on your phone. Copying music, ringtones, provxml, etc. This can be difficult if you don't have a working file-explorer for your device.

This method will let you deploy files to your developer-unlocked WP7 device, as long as it is developer-unlocked. It works on any brand and any version of Windows. It also works if you have Mango and your device is Interop-Locked. You won't be able to overwrite ROM-files!

The files can be written to many folders, but there are also folders that are restricted, like the \Windows folder. Unfortunately this method will not allow you to write to that folder. It is still possible to write to the root-folder, create new folders in the root-folder, "My Documents", "Applications", etc.

Follow these instructions:
1. Download this file: File Deployer by Heathcliff74 v2.xap.
2. Open your favorite archiver (WinZip / WinRar / 7Zip).
3. In the archiver open the xap file.
4. In Windows Explorer (or on your desktop) create the folder structure where you want to deploy files on your phone. So if you want to copy files to the \My Documents\My Ringtones, then first create a folder "My Documents" and in that folder create a folder "My Documents".
5. Put the files you want to deploy in the folders you created.
6. Rename the root-folders you created and add this at the start:
It must be exactly like that! Only do this for the root-folders. So in the example I gave, the "My Documents" folder will become "XX-XX-XX-XX-My Documents". The deeper folders, like "My Ringtones" will remain as they are.
7. Drag the folders into the xap-archive.
8. Close the archiver tool.
9. Open the xap-file in a hex-editor.
10. Search and replace these hex-values (all occurrences!!):
Search: 58 58 2D 58 58 2D 58 58 2D 58 58 2D
Replace with: 2E 2E 2F 2E 2E 2F 2E 2E 2F 2E 2E 2F
11. Save and close the hex-editor.
12. Use any Windows Phone App Deployer to deploy the contents of the xap-file to your phone.