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Shorly after the 8860 release, Microsoft has released another update for Windows Phone 7.8. The version is: 7.10.8862.144. I have tested this update and I can confirm that the issues with the live-tile-scheduler and the live-tile-notifications both have been fixed now! Yea! Thanks Microsoft! :-)

The downside is that the lag-issue, when tapping on start-screen-tiles, still isn't fixed. I hope they are working on this. Although I suspect that this is a bit more difficult to solve, because it seems the OS performs some pre-launch checks at that moment. This probably can't be skipped. But maybe it is possible to start the animations while doing that, so that it doesn't feel like there is lag.

Anyway, I'm happy. Windows Phone 7.8 seems to be stable again! You can update your phone by connecting it with your PC, running Zune. If your phone is not yet scheduled for update, you can also do an offline. Read more here.

- Heathcliff74 -