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I'm a bit disappointed. Today Microsoft released an update for Windows Phone 7.8: 7.10.8860.142. I was exited to try it. I updated one of my Windows Phones and started to repeat the steps of my earlier research. I expected the live tiles to be fixed. But I was surprised and disappointed to see, that I could still reproduce both live-tile issues.

It's not really clear to me what the update is meant for. It is an incremental update. Most files in the update only contain relocations, so these files are actually not changed. There are bigger changes in asplugin.dll and quartz.dll. I opened the updated files, but there are no obvious changes. I guess this is just a minor security or stability update.

Still hoping for a live tile fix.

- Heathcliff74 -

Update 1: Tom Warren from The Verge says that Microsoft has confirmed that the update fixes the broken live-tiles and data-drain issues. My tests do not confirm this! I double-checked: my phone is on 7.10.8860.142 and still draining data!

Update 2: The update is compiled at January 19th. While my first report about live-tiles was on February 3rd. On January 19th Microsoft was not aware of the issues. So I don't know how The Verge can report that this fixes the live-tiles.

Update 3: windowsphonedaily.com found that there is actually another update on its way: 7.10.8862.144. It's shown here. But that is not the update being pushed out now. I wonder why Microsoft pushed out the 8860-update instead of the 8862-update.