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Hello everyone! Let me start with wishing everybody a peaceful and healthy New Year! It's a bit late, but I didn't have a chance to do it earlier. I started the new year with my new job. Very impressive and a lot of things to learn. It's a totally new challenge and I'm excited to work for my new employer. It's not anything related to mobile development, in case you wonder.

For this new year I created a new version of WP7 Root Tools too. I've done a lot of testing and I got a lot of help from other people. It seems WP7 Root Tools is very stable now and I fixed the last known problems. I also fixed the problem with Samsung devices that showed error RA-ARA-01 in the installer. I thought I fixed it in the previous version, but still a lot of users complained they had this problem. I didn't have the problem on my own Samsung. So I got some help from Dennis Wilson. He did have a Samsung device that which had issues with the WP7 Root Tools root-access-installer. We used USB over Network from FabulaTech. An excellent piece of software. We set up a transatlantic remote-debugging-session. And I debugged WP7 Root Tools from my home in The Netherlands on his Samsung device in Phoenix - Arizona, about 8000 km away. How cool is that!?

I also did some User Interface improvements, as you can see in the screenshot.

I'm still working on other developments. But since this version is really stable now, and I fixed the Samsung installer-issue, I wanted to release this. But I plan to release more new features soon.

You can download WP7 Root Tools 1.0 from the download-section.

Happy developing in 2013!

- Heathcliff74 -