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I uploaded WP7 Root Tools 0.13 beta. You can grab it from the download-section. This version is the first version of WP7 Root Tools that has the beta-tag. I fixed a lot of big and small bugs and I implemented some performance-improvements. So, I hope this version will work stable for everyone. Most important fixes:

  • After install of version 0.12 alpha, some apps wouldn't start anymore - FIXED
  • Root Access installed would report error RA-ARA-01 55 on some devices. Not been able to test this, but i think it is now FIXED
  • Shell handler would not launch correctly sometimes - FIXED
  • Improved Russian, Czech and French translations
  • Name of search provider was not correctly shown sometimes - FIXED
  • Crash when current location of registry or explorer was deleted - FIXED
  • much more...

 - Heathcliff74 -